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September 5, 2012

Useful UX Tools & Apps

by Marina

This post is a placeholder for listing tools & apps for User Experience (UX) Professionals.
I’ll be adding more apps and my comments on them over time.

Testing Tools

  • Online Screenshot Testing Software
    Chalkmark is an online tool for testing site’s first impressions and top tasks, brought to you by OptimalWorkshop. I also use it for “Bucket Testing” site’s navigation.

    Bucket Testing Citys New Navigation

    “Bucket Testing” City’s New Navigation shows where most people will click when asked a specific question, like “Where would you go to Pay Parking Tickets?”.

  • Online Card Sorting Software
    OptimalSort is an easy-to-use online Card Sorting Tool from OptimalWorkshop. It’s a great way to get an idea of how people would group your content, because you can share URL and get quick results. However, it doesn’t allow you to create hierarchies (sub-groups) of content. So you can only see first level groupings. 
  • Information Architecture Validation Software
    Treejack is an online tool for testing site structure (IA) also brought to you by OptimalWorkshop. Tree testing is done on a simplified text version of your site structure – without the influence of navigation aids and visual design. It helps you to learn where people get lost in your content. (I haven’t tried this one yet, but it looks like a very useful tool too.) 


  • Check for Fake Twitter Followers
    Fake Follower Check, a tool from social media firm StatusPeople that analyzes a sampling of a Twitter account’s followers and checks for telltale signs of fake followers. Fake accounts are those thought to be created for the sole purpose of sending spam, while inactive accounts lack recent updates. (Was mentioned on Mashable in regard to Obama’s 70% fake or inactive Twitter Followers
  • How to Locate Your Twitter RSS Feed
    Use this code below and replace xxxxx with your Twitter username to use your Twitter RSS Feed: (Where xxxxx is the username.)
  • How to Find Your Twitter Favorites RSS Feed
    Your feed for only the favorites: (Where xxxxx is the username.)

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