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June 25, 2010

That Hurts

by Marina

It’s easy to spot bad design in everyday life. Here is my latest discovery – damaged toilet paper holder.

I go to one of the Good Life gyms downtown and each time I am in the change room, I hear constant bangs in the washroom. What happening is that each time a person opens the door, it swings and the door knob hits the toilet paper holder inside. And that happens in every single stall in the washroom.

Damaged toilet paper holder.Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid that from happening, as you have to swing the door wide, in order to squeeze yourself into the tight space inside. And the toilet paper holder is placed in the exact spot, where it meets the door knob.

Luckily, the loud music at the gym silences that constant “cry”, otherwise you’d go crazy from the constant banging.

I think the only way the designer of that washroom could’ve designed things this way is that he probably did all his calculations on paper, but never checked them, once they were actually implemented. So they worked in theory, but not in practice.

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