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Posts tagged ‘brain’


Is Playing Games a Waste of Life?

Many people think that playing games is a waste of life. Imagine getting to the end of your life and regretting all that time you spent playing games! When you are on your death bed, you’d probably never say “I wish I’d spent more time playing Angry Birds”. Read more »


Vision Trumps All Other Senses & Images Trump Text

In his book “Brain Rules” John Medina talks about latest research in Neuroscience and has an interesting chapter on Vision. Even though the focus of his book is on learning and doing better presentations, I though this information is useful for anyone doing UI/UX Design as well. Read more »


Have a problem? Sleep on it!

I’ve noticed for a long time now that whenever I am presented with a problem or a challenge, especially related to creative work, I’d often leave things till the end. Read more »