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Dog Mess In The Kitchen.

Looking for Good in Bad Situations

Recently I found myself in a pretty bad situation – I lost contract work that I’ve been doing for the past 4 years. It happened unexpectedly due to someone else’s mistake. Read more »


It’s Always a People Problem

They don’t teach you this in school, but the ability to influence people is probably the most important ability that you’ll need in business.

You can be the best designer, usability expert or technical architect, but if you don’t know who and how to influence, most of your ideas and recommendations will be thrown away. Read more »


Have a problem? Sleep on it!

I’ve noticed for a long time now that whenever I am presented with a problem or a challenge, especially related to creative work, I’d often leave things till the end. Read more »


It’s Not a Communication Problem

I’ve been hearing this phrase “It’s a Communication Problem!” so often that I started wondering why we are having it and how we could fix it. You hear this phrase in business and in a relationship. What’s interesting is that both sides are usually saying that. Read more »


Inspirational Quotes

I have to confess I love inspirational quotes. They change the way we think, feed us with inspiration and make us want to take action. Here is my collection of inspirational nuggets of wisdom on life, success, positive thinking and more. Enjoy!
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Good UX Read

This post is a placeholder for listing good UX related Articles and Blogs for User Experience (UX) Professionals. I’ll be adding more over time. Feel free to suggest those that you like and follow. Read more »


Common UI/UX Mistakes

Here is my collection of common User Interface and Application Design mistakes to avoid. Read more »


Going the Wrong Way

What do you do when you fail to prove the case to the upper management concerning some industry standards and best practices? Read more »


Evo, Saving Ordinary Humans from Themselves

I just bought a bottle of  “Love touch”, a shine spray from Evo, an Australian company with a great sense of humor and a smart marketing team.

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Making it easier?

I often see signs on websites like “It’s fun, easy, fast, convenient etc.” Clams like that make me, the site user, that much more frustrated when my experience on those sites is opposite of fun and easy.

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