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February 15, 2012

Good UX Read

by Marina

This post is a placeholder for listing good UX related Articles and Blogs for User Experience (UX) Professionals. I’ll be adding more over time. Feel free to suggest those that you like and follow.

UX Sites & Blogs to Visit

  • Human Factors International (HFI) is the world’s largest company specializing in user-centered design.
    Check their UX Case Studies,Videos and Newsletters. They also have a lot of good videos posted on HFI YouTube Channel.
  • Smashing Magazine’s UX related Articles 
    Great hand-picked and organized selection of the most useful and popular Smashing Magazine’s articles related to Usability and User Experience and published over the years.
  • Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the Design
    Journal dedicated to discussing, improving and promoting the work of the information architecture community.
  • UX Booth – UX Community Publication
    The UX Booth
    is a publication by and for the User Experience Community. They offer UX Articles, Events, Videos, Tools and Books.
  • UXmatters.comInsights & Inspiration for User Experience Community
  • Jakob Nielsen on Usability and Web Design
    Jakob Nielsen is a leading web usability consultant. His blog offers research findings from many usability studiesthat he conducted.Nielsen has been criticized by some UX professionals, especially graphic designers, for failing to balance the importance of other user experience considerations such as typography, readability, visual cues for hierarchy and importance, and eye appeal. His own blog is a good example of how he feels about design. I emailed him many years ago asking him why his blog is not designed with Designers in mind. His dated uninspiring blog design doesn’t inspire confidence or project professionalism, and doesn’t appeal to designers – one of his largest target groups. (I still hate visiting it for that reason) Someone actually responded to me, not Jacob Nielsen himself, and for a while we had a back and forth argument about the importance of visual design. I obviously didn’t convince them of it’s importance…
  • Don Norman: Designing For People
    Donald Norman is an academic in the field of cognitive science, design and usability engineering. He is also the author of the book “The Design of Everyday Things”. His blog lists books and articles on human-centered design.
  • Bill Buxton’s personal site
    Bill Buxton is a Canadian computer scientist and designer, and a Principal researcher at Microsoft Research. He is known for being one of the pioneers in the human–computer interaction field and the author of a book “Sketching User Experiences”. His personal site offers his On-line Talks & Interviews, Selected Papers, Articles and Research materials.
    Follow him on Twitter @wasbuxton 
    Personal blog of Leisa Reichelt, London-based Information Architecture and User Experience Practitioner, whose blog I like to visit sometimes.

Great UX Articles

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