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October 23, 2011


Going the Wrong Way

by Marina

What do you do when you fail to prove the case to the upper management concerning some industry standards and best practices?

You tried everything you could – showed examples, pulled some stats, quoted industry experts etc., but nothing worked. Somebody somewhere has made a decision, a decision that will make your life and everyone else’s life on the team, very difficult. What do you do then?

I’ve heard this phrase last week and had to write it down. I thought it was just priceless.
Someone told me “Well, we might have to go all the way the Wrong Way to prove that the Right Way is Better”.

Sure, we can take the longest way to get from A to B, though now I wonder if by choosing the wrong direction, we’ll ever get there.

If houses were built the way software is built, the first woodpecker would bring down civilization. ~unknown

Going the wrong way.
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