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Is Playing Games a Waste of Life?

Many people think that playing games is a waste of life. Imagine getting to the end of your life and regretting all that time you spent playing games! When you are on your death bed, you’d probably never say “I wish I’d spent more time playing Angry Birds”. Read more »


Ubiquitous Computing, Imagining the Future

Riding the subway one day on a way from work, I was imagining what the life would be like in a technology-driven world where every object around us would be as intelligent, as we are, and would look after our best interests.

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Never ever Give Up!

When at the end of 2007 I started my own eCommerce site for Handmade Gifts called (iCraft for short), connecting artists and crafters with those who appreciate their work, I had no idea how long and difficult this journey will be. Read more »

Dog Mess In The Kitchen.

Looking for Good in Bad Situations

Recently I found myself in a pretty bad situation – I lost contract work that I’ve been doing for the past 4 years. It happened unexpectedly due to someone else’s mistake. Read more »


Inspirational Quotes

I have to confess I love inspirational quotes. They change the way we think, feed us with inspiration and make us want to take action. Here is my collection of inspirational nuggets of wisdom on life, success, positive thinking and more. Enjoy!
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