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Posts from the ‘Design that Sucks’ Category


Common UI/UX Mistakes

Here is my collection of common User Interface and Application Design mistakes to avoid. Read more »


Making it easier?

I often see signs on websites like “It’s fun, easy, fast, convenient etc.” Clams like that make me, the site user, that much more frustrated when my experience on those sites is opposite of fun and easy.

Read more »


When the Shoe Fits

This happened to me twice already. I am crossing Nathan Phillips Square in front of the City Hall and suddenly my shoe gets stuck between the two concrete plates. Read more »

DWA Sign on Subway platform.

Useless Advertising

Not to pick on TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) specifically, but that’s where I usually encounter signs and advertising that are completely useless from the users’ point of view.

Have you seen DWA sign inside subway stations? Do you know what it means? Do you know why you need to know that? I don’t! Read more »


That Hurts

It’s easy to spot bad design in everyday life. Here is my latest discovery – damaged toilet paper holder.

I go to one of the Good Life gyms downtown and each time I am in the change room, I hear constant bangs in the washroom. What happening is that each time a person opens the door, it swings and the door knob hits the toilet paper holder inside. Read more »

Help screen, UX fail

Let me explain to you how the “Next” button works

Here is a page where the Whole Screen is Wasted…  on the Instructions for “Next” button.

This kind of design just blows my mind. How do people even come up with the ideas like that, at the time when everyone else is trying to reduce the amount of useless instructions and the number of clicks on screen? Read more »