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Posts from the ‘Crazy Ass Solutions’ Category


Google’s Evil Geotargeting and How to Bypass it

You’ve probably noticed that whenever you search on Google you are always automatically redirected to your country’s Google domain. I am in Canada, so even if I type, I’ll be automatically redirected to Read more »


Why so Many Artists don’t Sell Online?

While visiting San Francisco for the UX Week 2012 conference, I stumbled upon an interesting art gallery in the Fisherman’s Wharf. They were featuring an amazing landscape photography by an award-winning photographer Rodney Lough Jr. Read more »


It’s Always a People Problem

They don’t teach you this in school, but the ability to influence people is probably the most important ability that you’ll need in business.

You can be the best designer, usability expert or technical architect, but if you don’t know who and how to influence, most of your ideas and recommendations will be thrown away. Read more »


It’s Not a Communication Problem

I’ve been hearing this phrase “It’s a Communication Problem!” so often that I started wondering why we are having it and how we could fix it. You hear this phrase in business and in a relationship. What’s interesting is that both sides are usually saying that. Read more »


Going the Wrong Way

What do you do when you fail to prove the case to the upper management concerning some industry standards and best practices? Read more »

Sledding backward down a snowy hill.

And now do it Backwards

I remember when I was in college, the teacher was talking about the importance of following the process step by step, when designing websites and user interfaces – without skipping the steps or doing them in a different order. Read more


Common Sense Expert

I was thinking about some of the projects that I am working on at the moment, and it occurred to me that a lot of the problems that I am dealing with are not usability or user experience problems. They are common sense problems. Read more


Dealing with the Lists the “Smart” Way

What do you do when your list of outstanding items for the Web Department grows at a fast rate and you are not closing them fast enough?

You might think that hiring more people would help to meet the growing demands from the business, or that the internal processes Read more »


Art Lebedev doesn’t work with those whose views conflict with his owns

Imagine you’d say this to your potential clients: Read more